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All DBT products are licensed on an "Ongoing License" basis.  An "Ongoing" license is valid as long as your firm remains current on it's Maintenance.

DBT products are non-tiered:  we don't charge for CPU model upgrades.  Period.  So when you upgrade your mainframe, you will not get an "upgrade" fee from DBT, and your maintenance costs will not change as a result of your upgrade.

Our current per-"box" (a "box" is a single instance of a machine type; e.g., 2094, 2096) ongoing license fee is Forty-Two Thousand, Three Hundred Fifty US Dollars (US$42,350.00), effective 2010/01/01.  The license includes maintenance for the first year.  Maintenance after the first year is charged at our then-current rates.   Our current maintenance price is fifteen percent (15%) of the current Ongoing License price.  Licensees of DBT software that was licensed before 2009 will not incur the new maintenance price until their 2010 renewals.

DBT maintenance terms are the best in the industry.  DBT maintenance is "capped" at a pre-determined annual "maximum growth" rate.  Currently, this rate is ten (10) percent.  And we back our claims - please note that maintenance prices for our COMPRESS products have increased about one percent annually since 1993.

Can your other software vendors live up to these standards?

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